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"How exciting~!
Candy's foal is eligible for this AMAZING futurity...
The richest halter futurity in History~!"

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Carri Jones Halter Horses

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website.  Our site is designed to celebrate the quality and dedication for my horses as well as my life. I enjoy photography and you will see that I have taken almost every photo on my site. I hope you enjoy them.


I have spent many dedicated years breeding and waiting for the great ones.  I now can look out in my pastures and stalls and smile with admiration on the beautiful mares that God has blessed me with through my life time of breeding.  We have produced World Champions and World Champion producers on this farm in Iowa.  And even bred "the one" that doesn't need a World Title proceeding his name to be called one of the great ones.  Our own Caribbean Kid! With my great mares we were able to prove once again what a true breeding stallion is made of.




My mother and I both enjoy collecting antiques.  You will get to see a few of my pieces imbedded in the artwork on this website.   I enjoy the beauty and the history behind each piece. My home is decorated with my favorite antique items and I love the feel of being surrounded by the old age quality and beauty and rarity of each special piece.  I hope you enjoy looking while you visit my website.


When I met and married Marcus Jones, my life totally changed.   Not only is he one of the best chiropractors in the country for people, he is also fantastic with treating horses and dogs.  He seems to be in tune with them and somehow seems to know what is going on with them even before they know.   In the past, we have saved the lives of some of my animals that had a very bleak looking future.  Marcus is my steady rock----he keeps my mind focused on business and he also keeps me happy and healthy.   On top of all that, he has given me the greatest  gift of all---our son, Dalton.  I want you to meet Dr Marcus Jones with his new Mini Cooper car. 


Dalton Jones
Most of you have known me over the years for raising halter horses and often people don't realize that we are also busy raising a son!  I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to Dalton, our son.  I was just thinking how fast he is growing up into young man and also wanted him to know that we are so very proud of all of his hard work, good grades and how much we enjoy watching him show off his athletic skills in Football and Wrestling.  We always share our horses on this site and I just wanted to share our family and how thankful I am for my son. 





"Holiday"  Bernese Mountain Dogs
I am excited to say that in addition to our halter horses we will be raising Bernese Mountain Dogs which originated in Switzerland.  I am proud to share with you my first females,100% Swiss bred. Please watch for our new website with information on our dogs. Click on the above picture to go to our Bernese Mountain Dog site!



Thank you again for visiting.  Put your feet up and get a
fresh cup of coffee and enjoy!
Carri Jones

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